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Friday, April 5, 2013

Changes: Baby #2, PhD's, and Mississippi

Oh, how many times have I told someone that I think I am a country girl trapped in the Southwest? However many times I said this, though, I never truly believed I would actually ever LIVE down South. I thought maybe one day I would be able to walk the streets of Memphis, attend a country music festival, stuff myself at a craw fish boil, and maybe stand on a beach with my toes in the Atlantic ocean. But, LIVING in the South never really crossed my mind as a reality. Until a few weeks ago when Jason got that life changing email inviting him to attend the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) for four years in order to earn his PhD in Business Management. Previous to that email, my mind had been in New Mexico, Washington, and maybe even in Indiana. I was floored and knew my world is about to get rocked.

Liam and the soon to be Dr. Owen

Even before we received confirmation that we would be moving across the country for four years, we were delighted to learn that we would be having a second child! We got this news in December and soon after went in for an ultrasound to see how far along I was. The ultrasound revealed... nothing, and we were sent home with the news that we should expect a miscarriage in the next couple weeks (Christmastime, of course.) After much crying and worrying, no miscarriage ever occurred and I found myself back in the doctor's office looking at a new ultrasound with a small white bean on it. When the heartbeat was found and sounded over the speakers I could not believe it. I have NEVER been so happy to hear a heartbeat! On March 21 we found out we're having another little boy whose name is still to be determined.

Can not wait to have another cute little boy around to brighten my day!

The amazing part of all of this is that it will ALL be happening in August. All of it. Baby is due August 16th. Jason needs to begin his drive across the country August 16th. We're in the process of selling our house to investors who will let us rent the house from them until, you guessed it, August.

How am I feeling about all of this? Depends on the day. Excited, apprehensive, nervous, happy, sad, scared, you name it! Frankly, I just wish it were October already and my baby was here and we were all there and on with our lives. It will be a grand adventure for us, that is for certain!

Easter egg hunting with Mama