"When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love." Robert Fulghum

Saturday, February 8, 2014


January of 2014 dawned cold and bleak. Apparently the coldest it has been in this part of the country in over 25 years. Fabulous. Please note my dripping sarcasm. I am so homesick for the Southwest United States at this point that I just want to throw things at people back home who are sharing pictures of themselves on hikes at Red Rock or at the park in their cardigan sweaters while I am here in Oxford perfecting the art of layering clothes and basically becoming a hermit. Okay, positive thoughts. January, here we go!

Ezra turned five months old and became even cuter than the previous month. We can hardly stand it. We also started sleep training and he is now successfully sleeping through the night! Which makes us love him EVEN more. His hobbies include: eating, sleeping, squealing, eating, laughing at his brother, and eating.

We drove to Memphis to see a Memphis Grizzlies game with some friends. It was a blast, but I forgot my camera, so now we have to go back and do it again!

I turned 26, and was showered with gifts and chocolates from my family. The best of which was this bench that I fell in love with at an antique store which doubles as a toy chest which makes my living room adorable and which my husband went back and got for me when he realized how badly I wanted it! We also got to go eat some hibachi sans kids for dinner one night thanks to our awesome friends!

Liam and I made a cake for my birthday!

But it turned out terrible...

 Just kidding... we just hate to have messy fingers in this house. 'Tis a tragedy. We invited friends over for a playdate to help us finish the cake. It surprisingly is very easy to get people to come to your house when you tell them you have a need for someone to eat your birthday cake! It was a fun time.

The rest of the month we spent inside. We read lots of books.

Ezra became a giant from eating so much, so we bought him a big boy car seat. He was pretty stoked about it! Liam likes to hold his hand and give him toys to play with, so now Ezra doesn't mind being in the car as much! Awesome. Too bad the only place we go nowadays is the grocery store and the library.

So, that's about it. Kind of an uneventful month. Jason has gone back to school and the boys and I are still hunkered down at home trying to keep ourselves entertained. We love you all and hope it is warmer where you are and there are more indoor activities where you live! Hugs and kisses from Mississippi.