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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

6 Weeks and Counting!

In six weeks and two days, my Sweet J will set out on the road with our dog, Abraham, and his good friend, Erik. It will take them about 3 days to drive all the way to Oxford where they will meet our moving truck at our new home in Mississippi! Liam, Baby, and I will stay here with my parents until baby is 4 weeks old, and then we will fly out to Memphis, TN where Sweet J will pick us up and take us to our new home in Oxford.

We are getting excited and anxious! We are mostly anxious about not knowing when our sweet new baby, Ezra, will arrive. It is hard to be organized and have a plan when such a big event could come any day!

Last month, for Father's Day, we took Liam to the circus. I made J and Liam matching bowties so they could dress up for the occasion. Liam loved it, but it was a lot for such a little guy to take in! And a long time to sit still!

Liam has also been taking a gymnastics class this summer and it is fun for him to be able to get all his wiggles out! Although he might like the fact that they give him a sticker after class better than the actual class, haha! He is growing and learning so much, it is fun to be around him.

Other than that, we have been packing, packing, packing, getting ready for baby, selling things we don't need to bring with us, and trying to stay cool amidst this horrifying heat! It is hard to explain to Liam why we can't go to the park when it is 117 degrees outside, but we have been watching lots of movies and even took him to see his first movie at the theaters: Monsters University! He was very well behaved and watched the whole thing. He's basically a Disney movie buff.